8 Tips to be a better Binary Options Trader

Is binary options trading profitable? Yes it is. Making a profitable trade isn’t necessarily always the case with every trade that you make as most binary options brokers imply; however, that doesn’t mean that losing money is your fateful destiny. On the contrary, trading binary options in the long term can generate you huge incomes. Although making several losses is unavoidable in business, following certain time-tested strategies and guidelines assures you success and profits.


Fortunately, this article shares the tips below. However, you should know that having the right tips alone does not guarantee you success. You have to consistently implement the strategies in every binary options trading that you undertake. They include:

  1. Trade Assets you’re Familiar With

If you’re well aware of the gold market from all perspectives, there’s no reason as to why you would want to start with oil. Similarly, if a trader is adept in stock trading, he should concentrate his effort and time on stocks as opposed to currency pairs. To be precise, a trader should commence trading with his areas of expertise or where he has a good mastery of the trade assets. This gives the trader a possible advantage and eliminates any uncertainty. However, with time you can conveniently branch out.

  1. Avoid Betting the Farm

Face the truth. You have a limited bankroll. Therefore, betting huge sums of money on fewer trades that at the end expire out might cause a trader to blow through his stash. It’s only in movies where gutsy traders play well. But, in real life, the result might be unpleasant.

A good option is for you to acknowledge that the investment might be profitable or bring losses. This open mind enables you to be cautious and avoid putting up money that might bring you a heart attack once you lose it. Unless your bankroll has tremendously grown, be conservative.

  1. Start With a Demo Account

If you’re a newcomer in the binary options world, it’s very advisable for you to start with brokers who provide demo accounts to traders. This gives you the important chance of assessing viable binary options trades and gives you both confidence and experience while testing the trading platform. Brokers who provide you with no-risk demo accounts that are free and offer first-rate experience are the most recommended ones.

  1. Be a Disciplined Trader

You’ll find a lot of fun while trading binary options. It’s great watching your investment grow and bear chunk of cash at the comfort of your couch. However, that doesn’t mean that you should relax. Trading isn’t a game; laxity and lack of caution may lose you money. You have to stay disciplined at all times when choosing assets, placing trades and assessing candlestick charts in order to avoid financial hurt.

binary tips

  1. Avoid Making up Losses

Making up losses is common with beginning traders. Once they lose money on the first trades, their desperations causes them to try and make up losses. This often leads them to making poor decisions when choosing trade.  Some traders become very bothered and hot over their losses to the extent of placing trades with mere caution in an attempt to make up the losses. This doesn’t end as per their expectations, but rather accrues them more and more loses. Once you encounter a series of losses, try to calm down and manage the situation effectively. Losses are normal.

  1. Avoid Getting Comfortable

In business, especially binary options trading, no trader knows everything. A trader can boast of his experience or expertise, but not his “all knowing” knowledge. Every day the market presents something new to learn that enables traders to make profitable trades. As a binary options trader, you must improve your game constantly instead of getting comfortable.

  1. Work with trustworthy brokers

Binary options brokers with positive track records are the best to work with. You wouldn’t want to entrust any amount of your hard-earned money to persons who are fly-by-night brokers. If you do so, don’t expect profits. In most cases, brokers who are regulated or have a website are legitimate. Work with those.

  1. Unplug

Obsession to anything can be extremely dangerous. Obsession makes life less enjoyable, which might trigger wrangles in your relationships, either family or professional relationships. No matter how convinced you are that every trade you’ve placed is profitable or even when you’re on the trade winning streak, when the time to leave your trading account and log out comes, do exactly that.  Don’t allow binary options trading to run or ruin your life. It should only be profitable and fun, nothing more. Unplug yourself from any unnecessary attachments if need be.

NB: These strategies of making profits with binary options are the key secret of every experienced or veteran trader. Apply them wisely for your overa

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Free and Professional Binary Options Robots

Binary options trading has increased a lot in today’s stock market. The new traders entering the market start with the binary options trading market to get a know-how of the market. The binary options are traded worldwide and the brokers trading binary options are increasing day by day. In the binary markets, you can trade up to any asset you feel comfortable with. But be sure it is not the one uncommon asset because the assets being traded in lesser amounts do not last long in the binary options market. There are many ways in which you can earn successful trades.

Trading with Binary Options


The binary options are very easy and simple to trade that is the reason for which all the new traders take binary options trading as the first initiative for trading in the stock market. The best way to start trading with binary options is by finding a trustworthy broker in the stock market, who can perform the trading for you when you are not in the market. There are a lot of brokers in the stock market but finding a one with good reputes and market specialists is a tough job.

Binary Options Robots

But now in this world of innovation you no longer need the help of professional stockbrokers instead you can perform trading on your own using the binary option robots these robots are the best way to carry out your trade activities without letting you out of the house. These robots receive special signals from the stock market and are able to present the prevailing market conditions easily. These robots are in the form of software’s that can be installed in the computer and need and internet connection for their operations.


These robots are easy to understand and are compatible with every type of operating system. Whether you have windows, mac systems, tablets, androids or any other mobile types these software’s can run on any such thing. This is a great feature of these robots. The binary options robots are set at a specified limit. When the rates in the actual stock market reach that fixed rate the robots carry put the trade for the customer. When the prices reach the certain limit the binary options robot cry out a call or a put for the trade. The call or put is done according to its programmed setting by the person. Your trade is just a click away, but don’t forget to research a robot before using it. For good source of information click here.

Free version Binary Robots

There are two versions of the robots available in the market. The first type includes the free version binary options robots. These robots are free and allow the new traders to have a better trading sense through their trades, these versions let the traders know when to trade a stock and when to put or when to call. These are similar to the broker agents. But instead have developed into a form of software. These software’s help the traders in carrying out effectively and efficiently. The free versions have no usual fees, but the pro versions available in the market have certain monthly or annual fee.

Pro Version Binary Robots

fpr1The pro versions of the binary options robots are for the traders who have spent considerable time in the stock market. The traders having an adequate knowledge of the market are able to purchase these types of robots. These robots cannot be used by the new traders because they have many advanced options that only the experienced traders can understand. These pro versions are very handy for the experienced traders. The traders claim that these software’s are very helpful for them in a way that they make their work easier.

Trading with Pro Binary Option Robots

Trading with binary options robots has become easier. The pro versions send minute to minute update of the stock market, that the traders that are involved in the one touch binary options trade or are busy in the sixty-second binary options trade can get the required data easily. The data and info about the market can be accessed if you are away from your home but have a mobile app installed and having an internet connection. You can carry out trade even with your mobile. This is the reason the binary options robots are getting much acclaim.

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The Basics of Binary Options

032Trading with Binary options is the new way that people are able to make enough money by trading on commodities, currencies, shares and stocks.  The advantages of trading on the binary options is that you do not have to buy the currencies, commodities or shares that you hope that are going to decrease or increase in their value.

If you want to start trading with binary option, it can be something confusing when it comes on how you can make money. The good news is that you can master the way that the binary options works in few hours and when you get the required skills, you will start to make profits without any problem.

The first step towards the trading with the Binary options is to choose the broker. You can find many binary options and you can trade them using the internet and your mobile phone.  If you like to be flexible, it is good if you choose different mobile platforms  available since you may trade anytime and anywhere and this is among the reason why trading with binary has become popular.

The binary option is based on the limited risk contracts and it is based on the simple no or yes market proposition depending on where the market is going at the end of a trading period.  Binary options give the traders a chance to trade on the commodities and stock indices and by using only low collateral.

Binary options are based on no or yes answer to the question given. If you are asked if the price will go up or down of a certain amount at a certain time, when you think that it is yes you will buy  the option and if you think that it will be no, you will sell the option.  The price you pay to sell or to buy is not going to be the actual value of the asset but it is a value that will be found starting from zero to 100.

When you trade, you have limited risks and this means that the only amount that you will lose, is the original investment that you have made.  You have only to use little amount as collateral since the binary contract is priced from 0 up to 100 dollars.  The binaries have a short term contract which ranges from 20 up to a week.

The binary option contract has the following options.

041The expiration time is when there is a list of the market at the binary options which come with the opportunity of trading using different expiration periods.  The expiration period is found in four different categories which are intraday and this means that the expiration period is within one day, daily is when the listing is done within 24 hours, weekly is when the listing is done at the end of every trading week and event based is when an event is based on the specified future date or time.


When the contract ends, there is an expiration value and it is based at specified underling market asset.  The market prices which are used in calculation of an expiration value depends on the contract indices and the commodities contract may be gotten through a data feed from any data provider which is considered to be appropriate under such circumstances.

Settlement is the options which are based on the cash and it is based on all or nothing payment at the expiration.  When the condition of the contract has been achieved, the settlement value is going to be a 100 and if the condition has not been achieved, the settlement is going to be 0. A contract can be closed before the expiration and this can be done to cut down the losses or to increase the profits. The strike price is the price at which the underlying market had reached when the option had to be settled.

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Binary options signals, good and bad sides

binary-options (1)


You will have to sign up at one of the signal platform in order to use binary options signal platforms.

Sometimes, there is a fee linked with such a service, which most usually is around hundred dollars. But, most services provide free trials of anything between thirty days to ninety days. Also, most offer money-back guarantee of up to sixty days in case you are not satisfied. Also, some are even completely free.

Also, you will have to sign up at a broker after this. Most frequently, the signals service will show you a list of suggested brokers. And they do this is because most apps of this kind are optimized for particular brokers only, since different brokers offer different charts, platforms and assets.

It might turn out that the broker doesn’t even have the asset that is being examined by your signal-trading app – if you sign up at a random broker.

Moreover, lots of apps of this kind offer automatic trading. And if the signal application is linked with a broker’s API, this aspect can only work. This feature can’t work with any random broker, as it is just theoretically not possible.

binary-options-blue-graph-climbing-300x160Manual trading versus automatic trading

You can begin trading, once you are registered and the binary options signals platform and the broker. You can choose between manual trading, automatic trading and semi-manual trading.

You will allow the app to trade by itself anytime a trend is discovered in automatic trading mode. Of course, you will be allowed to regulate how much the app is allowed to invest for every trade and altogether.

The only thing the app will do is sending you the signals in manual trading mode. You will have to perform the actual trade yourself. By the time you perform the trade the trend on which basis the signal was produced, it might already have passed and that is the disadvantage.

How accurate are binary options trading signals?

trader-300x223That all depends on which ones you use. There are ones that do work and others that are rubbish same as in any industry. The obvious bad ones are names such as Option Bot and Binary Matrix Pro.

Also, there are good ones such as John Anthony Signals and Signals365. Both of these follow the strategies that are described above and were made to actually work and deliver results. We have tested them ourselves and still use them from time to time when we are tired of manual trading.

There by now a lot of fake reviews out there so we are hoping that this article can help the reader and the others to avoid paying money to a service that doesn’t deliver results.

We always look out for the ones that deliver a winning rate of at least seventy percent when we evaluate such services. It will mean that you will make reliable profits if a trading signal application can deliver at least this rate.

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Need to know: 24Option



The pros of 24Option

This is amongst the first brokers in the binary options industry, which is regulated by the CySEC (The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission). Their customer support is available in over ten languages, and their services are available in numerous countries worldwide. Furthermore, it is considered the best choice if you are looking for a great trading platform and software. On 24Option there is a popular feature that allows you to close early. Another benefit is the mobile app. By downloading the 24Options mobile app, which is free of charge, you are able to “trade as you go”. Furthermore, 24Option has various binary trading options to offer, such as High Yield options, and the Boundary options.

Another interesting fact is that 24Option is approved with 93.4% by the traders from the Australian, and European market, based on the latest researches from February 2015.

For international trades 24Option has a wide variety of languages that traders can choose from, which includes diverse native languages, not only for tradBinary-Options-Historye, but customer support as well. Not only is the customer support available in multiple languages, it also works very fast. Finally, this broker presents risk free trades. This allows new traders to begin trading at the lowest risk rate.

The cons of 24Option

On the other hand, concerning cons, the minimum investment stands at $24. This is somewhat high, if compared to the standard in the industry. This is why it is not recommended for novice traders who are just getting into the binary options trading. Even though the initial withdrawal is free of charge, following fees will be acquired, unless you become a member of the 24Option Gold, or Platinum membership. The minimum amount to withdraw is $100.

Furthermore, the procedure to make a deposit is not a fast one. For example, if you make a deposit online via money transferring website, you might end up having to wait as much as 24 hours for the deposit, since it needs to be manually approved. You would have the deposit on your account instantly in a normal process.

Is 24Option safe?

binary-options-systemsComplaints of scams and frauds are not unusual in the online trading industry. However, in recent years, 24Option trading platform has endured and the reputation has enjoyed a steady rise, while escaping aforementioned complaints. Based on the knowledge of how con brokers use their customers, it is understandable to be cautious ad concerned about the reliability of any online broker, not only 24Option. This is why the 24Option broker is always ready and willing to answer any question and doubt a client might have.

Furthermore, it was determined that the broker had only a handful of complaints. Still, it should be noted and taken into account that, when traders lose money, they are prone to making false complaints and accusations on online forums and message boards. Having this in mind, the majority of reviews about 24Option serve as positive and undeniable evidence that this is one of the top brokers in the world today.

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Binary options signal


The usuage of a professional signals service gives to traders who take up operating with Binary Options a handy and easy  way in which to raise their profits.

The number of binary options trading signal providers has grown recently. While there have been some poorly executed systems there are also pretty good ones which give the users a wide variety of choice in the market.  Because of that- before rushing to  signing up for alerts it is significant that users carry out some detailed  investigation into each option.

signals_chartThe performance of the service can be observed in only one way which is from the results that you get  when using it. The trader can read experiences of the other users or he can simply view past performance results. However, the truth is that if a trader is not able to repeat  these results in his own account and make a profit, then the trader will simply waste his time.

Anybody who has spent some time to examine and operate the financial markets can instantly confirm the fact that it is a project  that takes time and energy of the person involved  in this activity. Holding a day job and spending a huge amount of time trading is nearly impossible.  To learn  how to trade with profit is also difficult to learn as it takes a thorough understanding of chart analysis, understanding of news events, implementation of positive trading psychology and a few other factors.

The most of people cannot put themselves through the difficulties of trading and would just rather that someone else does all the difficult work and get the trading tips on where to exit and enter trades for good outcomes. The binary options signals service came to demand because of that.  A product always comes when exists  a need for it. There is a high necessity for binary options signals services and this is the reason why several entities have decided to try to fill the needs of large number of traders in this regard.

This type of trading is among the most exciting concepts produced in the options trading industry. The traders have the  possibility to use the programs with the binary options signals to help making better predictions.

The signal software will look the charts of the most popular assets and every time it finds a trend  in creating, it will notify  the trader to make a suitable investment. That is the way it works.These binary options signals can perform automatically, as in they can automatically perform a trade based on a found trend.

The idea of binary options signals trading begins from the forex. This way of trading was for the long time already in use by the Forex traders. The traders have the option to copy the actions performed by the other traders or to analyze the charts with the help of the software. This concept is also known as the mirror trading.


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Banc de binary, what do you need to know!



Banc De Binary has freshly upgraded their website and created special offers and new promotions.

The minimum deposit for new accounts at BDB is two hundred and fifty dollars.

They use the popular SpotOption trading platform which offers thirty second options, sixty second options, ladders, and many more option types.

Binary options is a great exciting and new way to trade making it quite easy over the internet. It can be a little overwhelming with so many brokers as who to chose, particularly if you are a beginner. It all depends on their trading assets, trading platform, deposits, minimum account size, payouts and customer service. We decided to open an account with them after reading the glowing comments that traders posted on Banc De Binary in order to see if we could achieve the same results and to discover if they were reliable and honest and not a scam.

Bonus of fifty percent of the opening deposit is accessible, but clients who accept the bonus aren’t allowed to make withdrawals until they have made trades equal to twenty times their primary deposit. One has to meet a series of terms and conditions to withdraw your funds by accepting a bonus offer. And you can withdraw and deposit as you need if you refuse the bonus.

So, deposit bonus is up to hundred percent for 1st time deposit trader.

Also, trader will earn three percent interest of your unexploited funds in your trading account.

Licenses of Banc De Binary

We review binary options brokers in order to decide if they are a just another online scam or legitimate brokerage firm. We look to see if a regulator such as the CySEC in Cyprus gave them a license. Also, we look to see if they are included in the MIFId regulatory rules in the European Union.

Our research and review shows that Banc de Binary is in fact a legitimate binary option broker, and Banc de Binary isn’t a scam broker. Banc de Binary is one of the few brokers that list an email address for complaints which is [email protected]

Banc De Binary is registered with regulatory authorities in Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Denmark, Bulgaria, France, Finland, Germany, Hungary,  Greece, Ireland, Iceland,  Latvia, Italy, Lithuania, Lichtenstein, Malta, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Poland,  Romania, Slovenia, Slovak Republic, Sweden, Spain, United Kingdom and Netherlands.

When choosing a broker to see if the broker you want to match is regulated by a government regulatory agency, it is always important to make sure the list of regulated binary option brokers. Banc de Binary is on the list of regulated brokers.

Trading binary options is very simple. Investors focus entirely on whether the financial asset will go down or up in a set time. The Banc De Binary blog features all the latest market analysis and news, and some financial experts host regular video tutorials and webinar, as well as offering 1-on-1 educational support in order to authorize clients towards succeed.

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